“Charming and elegant Nordic folk tunes played in a style that could be described as a kind of
chamber folk music, in a rare combination of 5-row freebass accordion, violin and 5-string cello which makes them unique in the world.”

ARC Music

Septentrio live “An international meeting between three very fine musicians. This combination [of instruments] is unusual and fantastically beautiful. Palazzo creates a stable basis upon which the sound of the trio can rest, she also brings the rhythmical definition and driving force that the music needs. Kella uses superbly the many possibilities of the accordion and its free-bass and has the freedom to do so in this spare ensemble. In the recording we can hear traditional tunes from Sweden, but also original compositions by the trio members. I find Kennemark’s compositions particularly interesting, he has a soulful and personal style of expression which we can for instance hear in his composition Långedrag. For the ones who already like Nordik Tree (with Kennemark, Arto Järvelä and Timo Alakotila), Septentrio’s new recording contains a high recognition factor and the same poetic relationship to folk music.”

Sunniva Brynnel, Lira Music Magazine, 2014.

Charming Chamber Music for a Folk Trio
“The music is unmistakable Scandinavian but the sound is different, original. This trio married the timbres of a folk fiddle, a 5-row freebass accordion, and the novel 5-string cello (with an added upper E). Cellist Leonor Palazzo (of Belgian and Argentine roots) established a background in baroque and classical music; thus the trio adopted the spirit of chamber music with their Swedish folk music arrangements. Some tunes are traditional and others are composed by members of the group. Waltzes and polskas are the dance forms. The fiddle, here performed by teacher and composer Hans Kennemark, is the standard folk instrument, which has a special approach to bowing and fingering. The accordion of the Finn, Hannu Kella, weaves and solos with the other players. Musically, the album offers joy and good cheer throughout. One track is a bridal march, which has charm and nobility. Another piece, influenced by a hymn, is a bridal polska, which has a different feeling, that of nostalgia and sweetness. Palazzo composed a brief but lovely, lyrical poem on the “beckoning” force that guides our deeds and desires. Kella wrote an amusing propulsive work that reflected his young son’s learning adventures. The trio was established in 2011 and this is their first album, whose audio engineering is well done. Their unusual sound and excellent musicianship should lead to further albums, and perhaps touring? Septentrio must have had fun recording this collection. I certainly had fun listening to it.”

Dr. Debra Jan Bibel “World Music Explorer” (Oakland, CA USA), November 26, 2013, Amazon